Fashion Shoot: Ethan & India

I’ve been meaning to post up photos from the shoot I put together back in early February, but have been a bit slow getting around to it. I’m sure you’ve all just been dying to see them. Anyway, as I’m onto another shoot this coming Sunday I figure it’s about time I got around to posting these:

Models: Ethan & India - Stylist: Yoli Garcia - Photo © Brandie Raasch Photography

© Brandie Raasch Photography

© Brandie Raasch Photography

© Brandie Raasch Photography

Everyone was really great to work with. My friend J was kind enough to let me know invade her lovely apartment and use it as the setting for the photos. The look/idea is sort of an “All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go.” Originally, I had planned some outdoor shots but it was quite cold so I nixed that idea.

Now, the real story on this shoot? Basically I am beyond  a big, clumsy, mess. Bella Swan, you’ve met your match. Ah haha, sorry for the Twilight reference. My camera, a Nikon D2xs, is a large, and fairly heavy/durable, DSLR. I set it down on a very low to the ground coffee table, I think to adjust the lighting or to find another flash card. Anyway, I somehow got my foot caught on the camera strap, knocking the camera off of the table where it proceeded to fall and land on my toe. Ouch! Yes, it hurt. A LOT. Only later did I realize, truly, how much pain I was in. So much so in fact, that the next morning I had to get myself to the ER. They fixed me up and the pain finally subsided but it’s a lesson learned for sure. As for the camera, durable it is indeed because not a thing was broken except the filter I had on the lens.



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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