Take My Picture: Photogs On TV

Veronica Mars via Gear Live TV

A little late in the game, but thanks to the magnificence that is Netflix, I’ve recently been watching Veronica Mars. If you watched the show when it was on air then you know the premise, Ms. Mars, high school student by day and Private Investigator…well, pretty much all the time, works with her PI father solving mysteries and crime.

Anywayyy, part of the job description of a PI involves…you guessed it…surveillance. This surveillance is generally to catch someone doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing via photographic evidence.

As a photographer, I take notice of the equipment characters use on the shows I watch particularly when it has to do with photography, and I was quite pleased to discover that Veronica Mars is a Nikon user. I’m partial to Nikon since it’s all I use, so I love feeling a sort of solidarity with these characters, using the same gear.

Dexter Morgan is another TV character who has also been a Nikon user.

Dexter via Nikonians.org

I thought he had switched the equipment he was using at one point so I’ll have to be sure to keep my eye out for it when Season 5 begins in September.

Of course, this is all really just product placement of sorts I suppose. I’m sure Showtime, etc. made a deal with Nikon to be the camera Dexter is shown using, but it’s integrated in a more seamless way, and these characters do, in fact, use camera equipment to carry out their jobs. It is VERY different from the terribly obvious and awkward product placement you often see.

It also makes you realize how many other professions out there may require photography skills. Veronica Mars is first and foremost a PI, and Dexter is a blood spatter specialist, yet both of them also require knowledge of photography. I suppose if my photography business doesn’t take off at least I’m left with the knowledge that there are plenty of jobs to fall back on that could use such a skill-set. I could totally be a Private Investigator, right?



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